After the face stock, the next step is to consider the adhesive properties that will best meet your requirements. The initial adhesion or ‘tack’ during application will influence the performance of the label during its intended lifespan and a poorly applied label or the wrong choice of adhesive can have a significant effect on how your label stands up to its intended use. Cobblestone tag & Label and our suppliers utilize a range of environmentally sensitive adhesives to achieve the right outcome for your application. The application or end use of the label will have an impact on the performance of the adhesive and must be considered when choosing the right label for you.  Different options you will need to consider include the removability of the adhesive as well as the formulation of the adhesive. The options are as follows:
              Adhesion:       Permanent - Removable - Repositionable
              Formulation:   Acrylic or Rubber-based

Permanent adhesives mean just that – they are designed not to be removed. They should stay ‘stuck’ for the life of their intended use. This is the most common adhesive used and is applicable across all paper & synthetic facestocks. Permanent adhesives can be acrylic or hotmelt formulated and are available in a range of options that allow adhesion to even the most difficult substrates or surfaces (including moist or frozen objects, curved surfaces, even tires!). Any attempt to remove or reposition a label with permanent adhesive is likely to create surface damage to the facestock and/or leave adhesive residue on the substrate applied to. 

Removable adhesives are designed to allow long-term removability from a variety of substrates. They are popular for use with glass containers and laboratory applications where residue is not desired.

Acrylic adhesives - All synthetic face stocks utilize an acrylic adhesive. Acrylic adhesives achieve excellent clarity, UV-stability and water resistance. They have excellent tack and adhesion properties on moist or hot surfaces and are suitable for refrigerated or freezer conditions. 

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