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Professionalism:From the initial contact with the customer, we treat you as a partner. Your goals are our goals, your demands are our demands and we strive to be the best stewards of your companies monies. We treat you like you expect to be treated. A valuable asset to our company.

Honesty:You will always be treated with the utmost respect. How do we do that? By standing behind every word or promise we make. Straightforward business relationships is what has made us so successful in the past and what is so attractive to new clients today. Customers want to be treated fairly in an honest manner. We recognize you as our most valuable asset.

Integrity:Integrity is the means by which we measure everything we do. Our actions, our values, our principles, our expectations and our outcomes are measured by the consistency of how we handle business on a day-to-day basis. 

Dependability: From concept to project completion, our goal is your 100% satisfaction. We want you to depend on our team of experts to guide you through the entire project.

World-class Customer Service:Your satisfaction is directly related to how we enhance your buying experience. Our customer services reps are graded on the quality and level of their interaction with the customer. We're not satisfied until you are satisfied. PERIOD!

Appreciative:We know how difficult it is to earn a new customer. And we know even more so how hard it is to keep a customer. We appreciate every customer and every order and you can rest assured that you are the most important aspect of our business.

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the cobblestone difference

Why choose Cobblestone Tag and label?

What we are all about....

Cobblestone Tag & Label, LLC is dedicated to our customers, providing state-of-the-art solutions for today's demanding business applications. We offer an extensive portfolio of printing, barcoding and data collection solutions to enhance your bottom line. We have partnered with a group of elite solution providers that is unsurpassed in quality and overall customer satisfaction.

From the shipping dock, across the warehouse or production floor, all the way to the to the front office; we're here to supply you with the best products and solutions to improve your efficiency and increase your profitability. People have come to trust The Cobblestone Difference!